Take Your Dice to the Next Level with the Levitate Dice Kickstarter

Conflict Games is following up their string of wildly successful Card Kickstarters with a new campaign, this time bringing a new pop culture innovation to market with Levitating Dice. The Levitate Dice Kickstarter campaign gives players a unique way to spice up their gaming tables with a novel piece of magical décor.

The initial Kickstarter offers an electromagnetic base with an accompanying d20 or a complete set 7 polyhedral dice. Each die has magnetic inclusions that, when placed on the base, hover in the air over the base. There are four different base styles: Black, White, Walnut, and Oak. Initially, there are four dice designs to choose from: Abyssinian Brass (brushed brass dice with black ink), The War Blade (dark grey dice with white ink), Quintessential Red (reflective red dice with white ink), and Rainbow Touched (pearlescent dice with gold inking).Conflict Games hopes the Levitate Dice will become a must-have for pop-culture collectors and tabletop role-players worldwide. They are a novel addition to TTRPG and dice collecting and add a little panache and the X factor to the room and game night.

To make these dice happen, Conflict Games has initiated a Kickstarter drive. The “Levitate Dice Kickstarter” runs from March 21 to April 21 for an intended release in the early fourth quarter of 2022. The project will be available worldwide. Funding gathered through Kickstarter will go toward additional design, engineering, manufacturing, and distribution of the dice. This is Conflict Games 5th Kickstarter. The previous four raised in excess of $250,000.

Levitate Dice

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